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 Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5
 Blinker supports version 4.5 of Microsoft QuickBASIC to create DOS real mode
 programs. The following sample programs written in Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5
 will be used throughout this section to illustrate the basics of linking
 Microsoft QuickBASIC programs with Blinker.

 Please note that due to restrictions in the QuickBASIC library Blinker does
 not support dynamic overlaying of QuickBASIC in conjunction with the use of
 event handling, i.e. the use of ON <event> or ON ERROR commands. All other
 functions of Blinker, however, are fully supported with QuickBASIC.

 DECLARE SUB limerick
 CALL limerick
 SUB limerick
 print "There was a young fellow from Microsoft"

 The two modules are compiled as follows :

 BC -o test;
 BC -o limerick;

 To execute Blinker from the command line :

 BLINKER FILE test,limerick OUTPUT t

 This causes Blinker to link the two object modules specified in the FILE
 command (test.obj and limerick.obj) to create an executable program with the
 name t.exe.

 Non-overlaid program

 The following link script file produces the same result as the above
 execution of Blinker from the command line:

 # TEST.LNK (This is a comment)
 FILE test
 FILE limerick
 OUTPUT t       # Output .EXE name

 To execute Blinker when using the above sample link script file use the
 following command :

 BLINKER @test

 The `@' character informs Blinker that what follows is the name of a link
 script file. Blinker will assume the extension `.LNK' unless one is given on
 the command line.

 Non-overlaid program with additional commands

 # Burn in a serial number
 BLINKER MESSAGE WINK    # Only wink one eye
 FILE test               # Main routine
 FILE limerick           # Secondary file
 OUTPUT t                # Output .EXE name
 MAP A,S                 # Create MAP file
 STACK 4096              # 4kb stack

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