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 #                             A script file comment
 //                            A script file comment
 @                             Specify the name of a script file
 BATCH                         Specify to the linker not to wait for a key press
 BEGINAREA                     Specify the start of a dynamic overlay area
 BLINKER CACHE EMS             Specify amount of EMS to be used for overlay caching
 BLINKER CACHE XMS             Specify amount of XMS to be used for overlay caching
 BLINKER CLIPPER PAGE          Enable / Disable automatic CA-Clipper 5.x code paging
 BLINKER DEBUG HANDLE          Specify output file handle for debugging routines
 BLINKER DEMONSTRATION DATE    Specify expiration date for demonstration version
 BLINKER DEMONSTRATION MINUTES Specify number of minutes for demonstration version
 BLINKER ENVIRONMENT CLIPPER   Change the name of the CA-Clipper environment variable
 BLINKER ENVIRONMENT NAME      Specify the name of the environment variable for Blinker run
 BLINKER ENVIRONMENT OVERRIDE  Specify that CLIPPER environment settings may override defaults
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE ALIGNMENT  Specify the alignment size for a Windows .EXE file
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE CLIPPER    Specify default CLIPPER environment settings
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE COMPRESS   Specify the compression factor for an .EXE file
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE DUAL       Specify the creation of a dual mode executable
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE EXTENDED   Specify the linking of a DOS extended executable
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE IPX        Specify number of IPX ECBs and send buffers
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE NOBLINK    Causes NO Blinker code whatsoever to be linked in
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE NODELETE   Create .EXE regardless of unresolved externals
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE REAL       Specify the linking of a real mode executable
 BLINKER EXECUTABLE SERIAL     Specify a serial number to encrypt into the .EXE
 BLINKER EXTMEM BLOCK          Specify the extended memory allocation block size
 BLINKER EXTMEM LIMIT          Specify the total extended memory to be allocated by the extender
 BLINKER HOST DPMI             Enable / disable the extender's use of a DPMI host
 BLINKER HOST MESSAGE          Enable / disable the extender's host display
 BLINKER HOST PASSUP           Enable / disable automatic pass up of IRQ interrupts
 BLINKER HOST QDPMI            Enable / disable the extender's use of a QDPMI host
 BLINKER HOST VCPI             Enable / disable the extender's use of a VCPI host
 BLINKER HOST XMS              Enable / disable the extender's use of an XMS host
 BLINKER INCREMENTAL FILE      Specify alternate file name for CA-Clipper incremental file
 BLINKER INCREMENTAL OFF       Disable CA-Clipper incremental linking
 BLINKER INCREMENTAL PAD       Specify size of padding for CA-Clipper incremental linking
 BLINKER LINK EMS              Specify link time EMS memory use
 BLINKER LINK PAGEFRAME        Specify link time pageframe use
 BLINKER LINK VERSION          Specify minimum Blinker version required
 BLINKER LINK XMS              Specify link time XMS memory use
 BLINKER LOWMEM RESERVE        Reserve conventional memory for program use
 BLINKER MEMORY CLEAR          Clears all memory beyond a real mode .EXE file to a specified value
 BLINKER MEMORY PACK           Specify CA-Clipper Summer '87 memory packing frequency
 BLINKER MESSAGE DUPLICATES    Enable warnings for duplicate modules within libraries
 BLINKER MESSAGE NOBLINK       Disable display of blinking eyes
 BLINKER MESSAGE NOWARNING     Disable display of link time warning messages
 BLINKER MESSAGE WINK          Enable single eye winking during linking
 BLINKER OVERLAY DYNAMIC       Specify CA-Clipper Summer '87 dynamic overlay allocation method
 BLINKER OVERLAY FIXED         Specify fixed overlay allocation method
 BLINKER OVERLAY OPSIZE        Request a size for the overlay pool
 BLINKER OVERLAY PAGEFRAME     Enable use of the EMS pageframe for overlays
 BLINKER OVERLAY THRESHOLD     Set size of the smallest overlaid segments
 BLINKER OVERLAY UMB           Enable use of the XMS UMBs for overlays
 BLINKER PROCEDURE DEPTH       Specify the maximum depth of CA-Clipper procedure nesting
 BLINKER SEGMENT THRESHOLD     Modify the default segment packing limit
 CODECLASS                     Specify additional segment classes to be treated as CODE
 CODEVIEW                      CodeView debugger support
 CVOFF                         Locally disable the processing of CodeView information
 CVON                          Locally enable the processing of CodeView information
 CVVERSION                     Set the version of CodeView information to use
 DEFBEGIN                      Specify the start of module definition commands
 DEFEND                        Specify the end of module definition commands
 DEFFILE                       Specify module definition command file
 DEFINE                        Specify symbols to be excluded at link time
 DEFLIB                        Use default library search records
 DOSSEG                        Use Microsoft DOS segment ordering
 ECHO                          ECHO script commands or text to the screen
 ENDAREA                       Specify the end of an overlay area
 EXTDICTIONARY                 Enable use of library extended dictionaries if they exist
 EXTRAMEM                      Limit the amount of memory allocated to a real mode program
 FILE                          Specify object file(s)
 LIBRARY (link script command) Specify one or more program libraries
 MAP                           Request a segment map of the executable
 MEMORY                        Limit the amount of memory allocated to a real mode program
 MIXCASE                       Specify case sensitivity of symbols
 MODULE                        Specify placement of individual library modules
 MURPHY                        Create a worst case overlay situation
 NOBELL                        Suppress the beep upon completion of link
 NODEFLIB                      Ignore default library search records
 NOEXTDICTIONARY               Disable processing of extended library dictionaries
 NOPACKCODE                    Disable packing of NEW EXE code segments
 NOPACKDATA                    Disable packing of NEW EXE data segments
 NOTABLEOFCONTENTS             Disable processing of library table of contents
 NWIDTH                        Specify the width of symbol and segment names in the map file
 OUTPUT                        Specify the name of the output executable file
 OVERLAY                       Specify which segment classes are to be overlaid
 PACKCODE                      Enable packing of NEW EXE code segments
 PACKDATA                      Enable packing of NEW EXE data segments
 RC (link script command)      Specify a resource file to be included in the executable file
 READONLY                      Specify executable file will be set to read only status
 SEARCH                        Prioritize all symbols in the specified libraries
 SECTION INTO                  Specify files to be placed in an external overlay
 STACK                         Specify stack size of .EXE file
 UPPERCASE                     Convert all symbols to uppercase
 VERBOSE                       Display status information during linking
 WORKFILE                      Specify drive, path, and file name of temporary work file

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