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 1109: unable to open file <filename>
 This message indicates that Blinker was unable to find the specified file in
 the current directory where it was expected to be, so the full directory
 path for the file should be specified. If no file extension is specified for
 script files, Blinker assumes an extension of .LNK.

 If the file has been specified in the link script with a FILE command then
 check that the OBJ environment variable points to the correct location for
 the file (FILEs have a default extension of .OBJ). If it has been specified
 with a LIBRARY or SEARCH command then check the LIB environment variable
 (LIBs or SEARCHes have a default extension of .LIB).

 If the file is one of the Blinker protected mode .OBJ or .LIB files e.g.
 BLXxxxnn.LIB look in the OBJ or LIB subdirectory of the Blinker directory.
 If the file does not exist but there are a similarly named files with
 different extensions, then run the Blinker utility BLIBLD.EXE from the main
 Blinker directory. This should create the required .OBJ and .LIB files.

 This error can also occur when Blinker is attempting to create a swap file
 and the TEMP environment variable points to an invalid directory. When
 running on a network, it is also possible that another user deleted the file
 or that you do not have network access rights to the file.

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