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 1141: new .EXE needs larger alignment value
 This message indicates that the Microsoft new .EXE file (DOS extended or 16
 bit Windows .EXE or .DLL) would be larger than 65535 times the .EXE
 alignment value default or as specified in a BLINKER EXECUTABLE ALIGNMENT
 nnn command. This is a requirement of the New .EXE file format, and the
 default alignment value is 64 for CA-Clipper programs and 16 for all other

 The error is resolved by adding the BLINKER EXECUTABLE ALIGNMENT nnn command
 to the link script file, and successively increasing the value in powers of
 2, i.e. 32, 64 etc., until the output file is created successfully.
 Note that Blinker 5.0 may display this message when linking certain large
 programs which linked successfully with previous versions, but are getting
 near the limit. This is perfectly normal, and should be corrected as
 described above.

 In some special cases, this error can also be resolved by adding the command
 PACKDATA to the link script file, which causes multiple data segments to be
 combined into one wherever possible at link time.

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