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 1148: BLINKER CLIPPER SYMBOL OFF required for huge symbol table
 This message will only occur with CA-Clipper 5.x Windows programs, and
 indicates that the symbol table is too large to perform symbol table
 compression due to limitations in older versions of Clipper for Windows

 Versions of Clipper for Windows products released after November 1998 MAY
 have been modified to handle huge symbol tables, so please refer to the
 appropriate vendor or their documentation for details. If they provide
 support, it will require the addition of the command BLINKER CLIPPER SYMBOL
 ON to the link script file, but DO NOT attempt to do this unless the vendor
 supports it, as the program will definitely fail dramatically without the
 correct support.

 If your Clipper for Windows product does not support huge symbol tables,
 simply add the command BLINKER CLIPPER SYMBOL OFF to the end of the link
 script file to disable symbol table compression, allowing the program to be

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