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 1165: <filename> is a COFF file so is not currently supported
 This message indicates that the specified file name is in COFF format,
 rather than Intel OMF format, which is not currently supported.

 Blinker can be used with any compiler which produces Intel OMF format .OBJ
 and .LIB files, which includes almost all compilers except Microsoft Visual
 C++ 2.x and later, which creates them in COFF format, so is not currently

 If you are using Alaska Xbase++, make sure that OBJ_FORMAT is set to OMF in
 your PBUILD project file, and that you have rebuilt all .OBJ and .LIB files.
 Also make sure that all separately compiled .OBJ files are compiled with the
 /OMF parameter, and that you have the LIB environment path set to point to
 the OMF subdirectory before the LIB directory, to ensure that you are using
 the OMF version of the Xbase++ libraries. If a library file path is
 explicitly specified in the PBUILD project file link script file, make sure
 that it points to the OMF version of the library. Please refer to the
 following Quick start entry for more details on using Xbase++ with Blinker.

    Alaska Xbase++

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