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 1204: overlay file <filename> does not match the .EXE file
 This message indicates that when the overlay manager opened the overlay file
 specified and created at link time, it was not a Blinker overlay file or it
 was not prepared at the same time as the currently executing .EXE file.

 This indicates that the correct copy of the overlay file has become
 overwritten by an older version, the newer version cannot be found in the
 current PATH, or the previous link was terminated before the overlay file
 was created correctly.

 Try recreating the .EXE file and marking the .EXE and .OVL file(s)

 Note: The Blinker errors 1201 through 1204 can occasionally result from the
 effects of a virus, so if the above measures do not help then perform an
 extensive check for viruses and take the necessary measures for removal.

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