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 1212: Overlay Opsize exceeded - increase Opsize
 This message applies only to the BLINKER OVERLAY FIXED overlay allocation
 method, and should not occur in normal operation.

 Normally, Blinker calculates the minimum required opsize at link time, and
 does not allow the opsize to be set below this minimum size (if you set the
 opsize to a value smaller than the minimum, Blinker will use the minimum

 This message indicates that the Blinker overlay manager could not find space
 in the overlay area to load an overlay (the opsize was exceeded). Increasing
 the overlay opsize by 1-2kb, and re-linking the program should solve the
 problem, but if you receive this message, please call Blinker technical
 support with your serial number and full details of the circumstances
 leading to the problem.

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