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 1304: cannot use XMS host with current memory manager configuration
 This message indicates that the DOS extender cannot switch to protected mode
 due to the configuration of 386 memory management software.

 When a 386 memory manager is present, the DOS extender is not permitted to
 use its own mode switching routines to enter and leave protected mode.
 Instead, it must use either VCPI or DPMI mode switching services provided by
 the memory manager software.

 This message indicates that a 386 memory manager (or similar) is running on
 the system, but there are no DPMI or VCPI services available to the extender
 (or the extender has been configured not to use those services through the
 link time commands, or through the BLINKER environment variable).


 If possible, configure the memory manager to provide VCPI services (hint:
 enabling EMS memory will usually also enable VCPI).

 If possible, configure the memory manager to provide DPMI services Ensure
 the extender's use of VCPI or DPMI has not been disabled by link time
 commands (e.g.: BLINKER HOST VCPI OFF), or by runtime switches contained in
 the BLINKER environment variable.

 Very old memory managers may not be able to provide VCPI services such
 memory manager may need to be removed before the Blinker extender can

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