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 The system cannot find the file USER
 The command processor in Windows NT 3.51 and later always attempts to load
 DOS extended programs which use .DLLs as OS/2 programs, which the fails with
 an error message similar to `The system cannot find the file USER'. To force
 Windows NT to run the program as a DOS program prefix the command line with
 FORCEDOS, which should run the program x:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\FORCEDOS.EXE. E.g.

 FORCEDOS TEST.EXE <parameters>

 The file BLINKER.COM supplied with Blinker will force an .EXE of the same
 name in the same path to always be loaded as a DOS extended program, so the
 other alternative is to copy BLINKER.COM to TEST.COM in the same directory
 and explicitly run TEST.COM instead of TEST.EXE. Eg.

 TEST.COM <parameters>

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