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 Documented compilers and products
 Alaska Xbase++
 Borland Turbo Assembler
 Borland Turbo C / Turbo C++
 Borland C++
 CA-Clipper Summer '87
 CA-Clipper 5.x
 Microsoft Assembler
 Microsoft Visual Basic for DOS
 Microsoft BASIC PDS 7.1
 Microsoft Quick BASIC 4.5
 Microsoft C / C++ / Quick C
 Microsoft FORTRAN
 Microsoft PASCAL
 Microsoft Visual C++
 Stony Brook Modula 2
 Stony Brook Pascal+
 Symantec C++
 Watcom C/C++
 Zinc Application Framework for DOS

 NOTE: Although documentation is provided only for the specified versions of
 the specified compilers, previous versions of those compilers may be
 supported, and other compilers producing Intel / Microsoft format .OBJ files
 may be supported.

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