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 Executing Blinker from Windows
 To use Blinker as a Windows program, simply set up an icon or short cut for
 BLINKER.EXE with the appropriate command line, and Blinker will run as a
 Windows program when the icon is selected. In addition, the 'Press any key'
 box displayed when the Windows version of Blinker finishes linking can be
 disabled by adding the BATCH link script command to the link script file or
 to the command line.

 The automatic detection of Windows programs by Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
 causes BLINKER.EXE to always run as a Windows program, even from a DOS box.
 For this reason, the file BLINKER.COM has been provided to ensure that
 Blinker runs as a DOS program from a DOS prompt or from a batch file. When
 BLINKER is typed at the DOS prompt with no extension, DOS will load and run
 BLINKER.COM in preference to BLINKER.EXE, since it looks for .COM files
 before .EXE files.

 Alternatively, the configuration program BLICFG.EXE can be used to set the
 operating system flag in the BLINKER.EXE header to DOS only, preventing it
 from ever running as a Windows program. Run BLICFG /XD to set the
 BLINKER.EXE operating system to DOS only, or BLICFG /XW to reset it back to
 the default of Windows, allowing it to run as both a Windows and a DOS

 When executing Blinker as a Windows program, use the exact same command line
 syntax as when executing as a DOS program, including redirecting Blinker's
 output to a file using the '>' character.

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