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 MS Link (Microsoft) link script files and Blinker
 Blinker creates a BLINKER.INI file in the same directory as BLINKER.EXE.
 This INI file contains global settings which control the behaviour of
 Blinker at link time. The most important of these is the 'LinkScript='
 setting, which controls the link script file format which Blinker will
 expect to be passed. BLINKER.INI can be copied to the current directory in
 order to override the global settings for a particular program or project.
 By default the value of 'LinkScript' is set to BLINKER, since the majority
 of the Blinker features can only be used with the power of the Blinker free
 format link script files.

 However, the setting can be modified to either MSLINK or TLINK (not case
 sensitive), in which case all link scripts will be processed using the
 appropriate format. The majority of the '/' options for each of these
 linkers are also supported, while unsupported options are simply ignored.
 For example, to use an MS Link script file, BLINKER.INI should consist of
 the following:

 . . .
 . . .

 This setting is a global setting, so it affects the processing of all link
 script files passed to Blinker.

 To force Blinker to process a single link script file in MS Link format,
 include the parameter /qm as the first item on the Blinker command line,
 e.g. to process the MS Link script file TEST.LNK type:


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