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 Link script commands
 This section is intended as a reference for all the Blinker script file
 commands, but a thorough understanding of these commands should be obtained
 before attempting to create a program or to convert an existing program for
 use with Blinker.

 Script file(s) are specified on the command line and default to an extension
 of .LNK. They may be nested, and more than one may be used on the command
 line, e.g.:

 BLINKER @Defaults @Other LIB Mylib VERBOSE

 This command line instructs Blinker to read the script file DEFAULTS.LNK
 followed by the script file OTHER.LNK. It also instructs Blinker to use the
 library MYLIB.LIB and to display a VERBOSE listing of the .OBJ files being

 The full names of the commands or any unique abbreviation of the words which
 comprise the commands may be used, although it is recommended that at least
 three letters be used for clarity. For example, the command


 can be abbreviated to BLI OVE OPS 40.

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