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 Overview -- Compiler Error Messages
 Compiler Warning Messages

 C1001        Return statement with no value in function
 C1002        Procedure returns value
 C1003        Ambiguous variable reference
 C1004        Ambiguous variable reference, assuming memvar
 C1005        Redefinition or duplicate definition of #define
 C1007        Function does not end with RETURN
 Compiler Error Messages

 C2001        Syntax error
 C2002        Statement unterminated at end of line
 C2003        Syntax error in statement
 C2004        Illegal character
 C2005        Statement not recognized
 C2006        Statement not allowed outside procedure or function
 C2007        Unterminated string
 C2009        Invalid use of @ (pass-by-reference) operator
 C2010        Incorrect number of arguments
 C2011        EXIT statement with no loop in sight
 C2012        LOOP statement with no loop in sight
 C2013        EXIT statement violates enclosing SEQUENCE
 C2014        LOOP statement violates enclosing SEQUENCE
 C2015        Illegal initializer
 C2016        Name conflicts with previous declaration
 C2017        Duplicate variable declaration
 C2018        Outer block variable out of reach
 C2019        CALL of CA-Clipper procedure or function
 C2020        Mistreatment of CALLed symbol
 C2021        Redefinition of CA-Clipper procedure or function
 C2022        Redefinition of predefined function
 C2023        CA-Clipper definition of CALLed symbol
 C2024        Unclosed control structures
 C2025        ELSE does not match IF
 C2026        ELSEIF does not match IF
 C2027        ENDIF does not match IF
 C2028        ENDDO does not match WHILE
 C2029        NEXT does not match FOR
 C2030        ENDCASE does not match DO CASE
 C2031        CASE or OTHERWISE is not immediately within DO CASE
 C2032        TEXT statement error
 C2033        Missing ENDTEXT
 C2034        Formal parameters already declared
 C2035        Invalid declaration
 C2036        Mayhem in CASE handler
 C2037        Invalid procedure name in DO statement
 C2038        Invalid target name in CALL statement
 C2039        Invalid selector in send
 C2040        Invalid unary inline operator
 C2041        Invalid binary operator
 C2042        Invalid lvalue
 C2043        Invalid alias expression
 C2044        Invalid function name
 C2045        Target name was used previously in non-CALL context
 C2046        SEQUENCE nesting error
 C2047        GET contains complex macro
 C2048        GET contains both macro and declared symbol references
 C2049        Code block contains complex macro
 C2050        Code block contains both macro and declared symbol references
 C2051        LOCAL declaration follows executable statement
 C2052        MEMVAR declaration follows executable statement
 C2053        FIELD declaration follows executable statement
 C2054        STATIC declaration follows executable statement
 C2055        Syntax error in #define
 C2056        Unexpected end of file in #define
 C2057        Label missing in #define
 C2058        Comma or right parenthesis missing in #define
 C2059        Missing => in #translate/#command
 C2060        Unknown result marker in #translate/#command
 C2061        Label error in #translate/#command
 C2062        Bad match marker in #translate/#command
 C2063        Bad result marker #translate/#command
 C2064        Bad restricted match marker in #translate/#command
 C2065        Empty optional clause in #translate/#command
 C2066        Unclosed optional clause in #translate/#command
 C2067        Too many nested #ifdefs
 C2068        Error in #ifdef
 C2069        #endif does not match #ifdef
 C2070        #else does not match #ifdef
 C2071        Error in #undef
 C2072        Ambiguous match pattern in #translate/#command
 C2073        Result pattern contains nested clauses in #translate/#command
 C2074        #error: <msg>                                                  .
 C2075        Too many locals
 C2076        Too many parameters
 C2077        Too many parameters
 C2078        Circular #define
 C2079        Circular #translate/#command
 C2086        RETURN violates enclosing SEQUENCE
 Compiler Fatal Error Messages

 C3001        Out of memory
 C3002        Input buffer overflow
 C3003        Can't open intermediate file
 C3004        Bad command line option
 C3005        Bad command line parameter
 C3006        Can't create preprocessed output file
 C3007        Can't open #include file
 C3008        Bad filename in #include
 C3009        Too many nested #includes
 C3010        Invalid name follows #
 C3011        Can't open standard rule file
 C3012        Too many standard rules
 C3013        Expression stack overflow
 C3014        Expression stack underflow
 C3015        Control stack overflow
 C3016        Control stack underflow
 C3017        Error reading or opening script file
 C3018        Too many symbols
 C3019        Too many publics
 C3020        Too many segments
 C3021        Too many fixups
 C3022        Too many external references
 C3023        Too many labels
 C3024        Too many procs
 C3025        Too many proc requests
 C3026        Segment too big
 C3027        Proc too big
 C3028        Symbol table too big
 C3029        Write error to intermediate file
 C3030        Write error to OBJ
 C3031        Can't create OBJ
 C3032        Can't create intermediate file
 C3039        Phase error                                                    .
 C3040        Unexpected end of intermediate file                            .

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