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 Overview -- .RTLINK Error Messages
 .RTLink Warning Messages

 wrt0003      memory model mismatch in COMENT record...
 wrt0004      Duplicate start address (using the first one we saw...
 wrt0005      No Stack Segment
 wrt0009      Unrecognized map type '<char>' .... ignored
 wrt0011      Public symbol '<symbol>' redefined
 wrt0012      Prelinked Library symbol '<symbol>' redefined
 wrt0014      Cannot define linker reserved symbol '<symbol>'...
 wrt0022      .EXE may not execute properly -- undefined symbols
 wrt0031      RTLUTILS.LIB is an automatically loaded reserved library
 .RTLink Error Messages

 ert0004      Duplicate stacks
 ert0005      filename portion of output file '<filename>' too long...
 ert0010      Overlay Area Nesting Area
 ert0011      PRELOAD command must have active section
 ert0013      Input Terminated with area left open
 ert0014      Overlays not supported in Prelinked Library
 ert0015      Bad format binary number '<number>'
 ert0016      Bad format octal number '<number>'
 ert0017      Bad format decimal number '<number>'
 ert0018      Bad format hexadecimal number '<number>'
 ert0024      Cannot open .RTLink configuration file '<filename>'
 ert0025      Cannot open script file '<filename>'
 ert0026      Output Name not specified or implied
 ert0028      Cannot find transfer file '<filename>'
 ert0029      Cannot Open Transfer File '<filename>'
 ert0030      Disallowed symbol '<symbol>' already loaded in .PLL...
 ert0032      User-level PLL transferred to .RTLink producing PLL
 ert0033      Invalid format in transfer (.PLT) file '<filename>'...
 ert0035      Cannot find object file '<filename>'
 ert0041      Unrecognized option '<option>'
 ert0044      Illegal STACK size
 ert0045      Cannot create transfer file '<filename>'
 ert0048      Only one Output Name should be specified
 ert0049      Cannot create map file '<map>'
 ert0052      Attempt to load module defining symbol '<symbol>'
 ert0054      Cannot find library file '<library>'
 ert0055      Cannot seek within library dictionary
 ert0056      Read of random library table failed
 ert0061      Input/output error on output file <filename>
 ert0066      Write to map file <filename> failed
 ert0067      Not enough characters in command '<option>' to guarantee...
 ert0077      Cannot find startup code 'RTLINKST.COM'
 ert0078      Error reading RTLINKST.COM
 ert0083      Cannot find RTLINK.DAT (freeformat parser data)
 ert0084      Cannot read RTLINK.DAT header (freeformat parser data)
 ert0085      Freeformat parser tables too big to fit in memory
 ert0086      Cannot read RTLINK.DAT data (freeformat parser data)
 ert0088      Illegal information level <level> requested
 ert0092      Cannot find RTLINK.HLP
 ert0097      Invalid MAP flag <type>
 ert0112      Filename <filename> is more than <length> characters long
 ert0166      <library> is the wrong version of RTLUTILS.LIB...              .
 .RTLink Miscellaneous Error Messages

 eut0003      Not enough free memory
 eut0006      Need to swap but nothing is on the swap list
 eut0007      Cannot open work file '<filename>'
 eut0009      Write of <number> chars to work file <filename> at position...
 eut0015      Write to buffered output file '<filename>' at position 0x...
 eut0016      Open of buffered output file '<filename>' failed
 eut0019      Bad format object or library file '<filename>'
 eut0032      Invalid Index 0x90 passed to get_block                         .
 eut0035      Write to expanded (EMS) or extended (XMS) memory failed        .

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