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 GT_ALIAS()       Find the workarea of an alias
 GT_APPEND()      Append a blank record to a DBF file. It is also locked.
 GT_ARRAYSKIP()   General purpose TBrowse skip routine for arrays
 GT_ASKQUIT()     Ask the user if they would like to quit
 GT_BEEP()        Beep
 GT_BIGTIME()     Display the current time in BIG DIGITS
 GT_BLANK()       Return a blank value for the type of parameter passed.
 GT_BROWSE()      Browse a DBF with for and while clauses.
 GT_CHECKTABLES() Check that the given tables exist
 GT_CHOOSE()      List an array and allow selection.
 GT_CLRFLAG()     Set a number of flags to FALSE in a bit flag string.
 GT_COMPN()       Compress a Clipper Numeric value into a string
 GT_DEFEXT()      Give a file name a default extension.
 GT_DELREC()      Mark a record as deleted
 GT_DIRECTORY()   List files and directories
 GT_FILLOCK()     Attempt to FLOCK() with optional retries
 GT_GETFILES()    Create an array containing files matching a file spec
 GT_GETHEADERSTRUCGet the header structure of a DBF file
 GT_GETINDEXKEY() Get the key of a Clipper index
 GT_GETKEY()      Wait for the next keypress
 GT_GETLIST()     User list for a Get.
 GT_GETPATH()     Check a path to see that it is of a legal format
 GT_GOBOTTOM()    Move the filepointer to the last record
 GT_GOTOP()       Move the filepointer to the first record
 GT_GRPASSWORD()  Get reader for password entry
 GT_HANG()        Hang the computer.
 GT_HELP()        A general purpose Help function.
 GT_HELPREQUEST   Context Sensitive Help Driver
 GT_ISDATA()      IsData validates a number as being ASCII Text.
 GT_ISFIELD()     Validate a Get for a valid field name.
 GT_ISFILENAME()  Check to see if a filename is valid
 GT_ISFLAG()      Test the setting of a flag in a bit flag string.
 GT_ISKEYVALID()  Conditionally Validate a dbf index key value as UNIQUE
 GT_ISPATH()      Check to see if the given path is valid
 GT_KILLCURRENTGETKill the focus of the active GET
 GT_LOCKING()     Function to lock a datafile/record and return the success
 GT_LOGFILE()     Maintain a text log file
 GT_MENU()        A general purpose menu function.
 GT_MOVEPOS()     General purpose TBrowse skip function
 GT_NEWFLAG()     Create a new bit flag string.
 GT_OPEN()        Open a DBF file with indexes, allowing reindexing, etc.
 GT_PROGRESS()    Display a progress bar and allow Esc option.
 GT_QUIT()        To safely quit the application.
 GT_RECLOCK()     Lock a record with optional retries
 GT_SERIALNUMBER()Generate a serial number i.e. the next number in a series.
 GT_SETFLAG()     Set a number of flags to TRUE in a bit flag string.
 GT_SETUP()       A general purpose Setup function.
 GT_SKIP()        Move the filepointer n valid records from the current
 GT_STABILIZE()   Stabilize a TBrowse object
 GT_TABLEGET()    Edit an element in a table
 GT_TRASHCAN()    Copy a record to a trashcan and then delete it
 GT_USE()         Use a DBF file shared or exclusive.
 GT_XSEEK()       Special seek function. (x = xtra)

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