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 GT_ALT()         Find the real value of an ALT key combination
 GT_CHECKKEY()    Check Key for Upper/Lower case, Control or Alt Letter
 GT_CLOCKOFF()    Turns Caps Lock Off
 GT_CLOCKON()     Turns Caps Lock On
 GT_INKEY()       Modified inkey() that calls setkey procedures
 GT_ISALT()       Checks Alt Key
 GT_ISCAPLOCK()   Checks Caps Lock
 GT_ISCTRL()      Checks Control key
 GT_ISNUMLOCK()   Checks Num Lock
 GT_ISSHIFT()     Checks Shift keys
 GT_ISSYSRQ()     Checks SYSRQ key
 GT_NLOCKOFF()    Turns Num Lock Off
 GT_NLOCKON()     Turns Num Lock On

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