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 GT_ASCIISUM()    Sum the ascii values in a string.
 GT_ASCPOS()      Return the ascii value of a specified character in a string
 GT_ATDIFF()      Return the position where two strings begin to differ
 GT_BITSTRIP()    Clear the high bit for every character in a string
 GT_CAPITALISE()  Capitalise a string.
 GT_CENT()        Get start of string to center it in an area
 GT_CHAREVEN()    Return a string of all the characters in even positions
 GT_CHARMIX()     Amalgamate two strings to form the return value
 GT_CHARODD()     Return a string of all the characters in odd positions
 GT_CHRCOUNT()    Count the number of times a character appears in a string
 GT_CHRFIRST()    Find which character occurs first in a string
 GT_CHRTOTAL()    Find number of times a set of characters appears in a string
 GT_ELEMENT()     Return an element of a delimited string
 GT_EXPLODEASCII()Explode a string into an array of ascii values
 GT_FONETIX()     Make a phonetic match string
 GT_IMPLODEASCII()Implode an array of ascii values to form a string
 GT_LEVCOST()     Alter the costing of the various operations for GT_LevDist()
 GT_LEVDIST()     Return the Levenshtein distance between two strings
 GT_NAMECOUNT()   Count the number of elements in a delimited string
 GT_OCCURS()      Count the number of occurences of a character in a string
 GT_OFFSET()      Returns the offset of the passed character string
 GT_SEGMENT()     Returns the segment of the passed character string
 GT_STRCOUNT()    Count the number of times a substring appears in a string
 GT_STRCSPN()     Return length of prefix in string of chars NOT in set.
 GT_STRDIFF()     Return a string where it begins to differ from another
 GT_STREXPAND()   Insert fillers between characters in a passed string
 GT_STRLEFT()     Find length of prefix of a string
 GT_STRPBRK()     Return string after 1st char from a set
 GT_STRRIGHT()    Find length of a suffix of a string
 GT_STRZERO()     Convert a numeric to a string padded with leading zeros
 GT_TOSTR()       Convert a clipper variable type to a string
 GT_X2CHAR()      Convert a value of any type into a string

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