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 GT_BOW()         Return the data for the start of the week ( Monday )
 GT_DATEADJUST()  Take a date and add days, months and years to it
 GT_DAYSINMONTH() Return the number of days in a month
 GT_DOW2C()       character value for numeric week day
 GT_DOW2N()       Numeric day of week from a full or partial character string
 GT_ENDOFMONTH()  Find the last weekday of a month
 GT_ISBUSDAY()    See if a date is a business day
 GT_ISDOW()       logically evaluate a textual day of the week
 GT_LEAPYEAR()    Find out if a date is in a leap year
 GT_MDAYS()       Days in the month
 GT_ROLLFWD()     Roll a date forward
 GT_SETDATE()     Set the DOS system date.
 GT_SETTIME()     Set the DOS system time.
 GT_STOD()        Convert a YYYYMMDD string to a Clipper date.
 GT_STOD1()       Convert a date in the format DDMMYY to a Date type
 GT_TEXTDATE()    Return a text string of a date

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