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 F2XM1                   2 to the X Power - 1
 FABS                    Absolute Value
 FADD                    Add Real
 FADDP                   Add Real and Pop
 FBLD                    Load Packed Decimal
 FBSTP                   Store Packed Decimal and Pop
 FCHS                    Change Sign
 FCLEX                   Clear Exceptions
 FCOM                    Compare Real
 FCOMP                   Compare Real and Pop
 FCOMPP                  Compare Real and Pop Twice
 FCOS                    Cosine                                       . 80387
 FDECSTP                 Decrement Stack Pointer
 FDISI                   Disable Interrupts                         8087 Only
 FDIV                    Divide Real
 FDIVP                   Divide Real and Pop
 FDIVR                   Divide Real Reversed
 FDIVRP                  Divide Real Reversed and Pop
 FENI                    Enable Interrupts                          8087 Only
 FFREE                   Free Register
 FIADD                   Integer Add
 FICOM                   Integer Compare
 FICOMP                  Integer Compare and Pop
 FIDIV                   Integer Divide
 FIDIVR                  Integer Divide Reversed
 FILD                    Load Integer
 FIMUL                   Integer Multiply
 FINCSTP                 Increment Stack Pointer
 FINIT                   Initialize Coprocessor
 FIST                    Store Integer
 FISTP                   Store Integer and Pop
 FISUB                   Integer Subtract
 FISUBR                  Integer Subtract Reversed
 FLD                     Load Real
 FLD1                    Load 1
 FLDCW                   Load Control Word
 FLDENV                  Load Environment
 FLDL2E                  Load Log(2)e
 FLDL2T                  Load Log(2)10
 FLDLG2                  Load Log(10)2
 FLDLN2                  Load Log(e)2
 FLDPI                   Load Pi
 FLDZ                    Load Zero
 FMUL                    Multiply Real
 FMULP                   Multiply Real and Pop
 FNCLEX                  Clear Exceptions (No-wait)
 FNDISI                  Disable Interrupts                         8087 Only
 FNENI                   Enable Interrupts                          8087 Only
 FNINIT                  Initialize Coprocessor (No-wait)
 FNOP                    No Operation
 FNSAVE                  Save State (No-wait)
 FNSTCW                  Store Control Word (No-wait)
 FNSTENV                 Store Environment (No-wait)
 FNSTSW                  Store Status Word (No-wait)
 FPATAN                  Partial Arctangent
 FPREM                   Partial Remainder
 FPREM1                  Partial IEEE Remainder                       . 80387
 FPTAN                   Partial Tangent
 FRNDINT                 Round to Integer
 FRSTOR                  Restore State
 FSAVE                   Save State
 FSCALE                  Set Scale
 FSETPM                  Set Protected Mode                           . 80287
 FSIN                    Sine                                         . 80387
 FSINCOS                 Sine and Cosine                              . 80387
 FSQRT                   Square Root
 FST                     Store Real
 FSTCW                   Store Control Word
 FSTENV                  Store Environment
 FSTP                    Store Real and Pop
 FSTSW                   Store Status Word
 FSUB                    Subtract Real
 FSUBP                   Subtract Real and Pop
 FSUBR                   Subtract Real Reversed
 FSUBRP                  Subtract Real Reversed and Pop
 FTST                    Test for Zero
 FUCOM                   Unordered Compare                            . 80387
 FUCOMP                  Unordered Compare and Pop                    . 80387
 FUCOMPP                 Unordered Compare and Pop Twice              . 80387
 FWAIT                   Wait
 FXAM                    Examine
 FXCH                    Exchange Registers
 FXTRACT                 Extract Exponent and Significand
 FYL2X                   Y * Log2(X)
 FYL2XP1                 Y * Log2(X+1)

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