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 Overview                Overview of the Instruction Format
 AAA                     ASCII Adjust after Addition
 AAD                     ASCII Adjust before Division
 AAM                     ASCII Adjust after Multiply
 AAS                     ASCII Adjust after Subtraction
 ADC                     Add with Carry
 ADD                     Addition
 AND                     Logical AND
 ARPL                    Adjust Requested Privilege Level             . 80286
 BOUND                   Check Array Bounds                           . 80186
 BSF                     Bit Scan Forward                             . 80386
 BSR                     Bit Scan Reverse                             . 80386
 BT                      Bit Test                                     . 80386
 BTC                     Bit Test Complement                          . 80386
 BTR                     Bit Test and Reset                           . 80386
 BTS                     Bit Test and Set                             . 80386
 CALL                    Call Procedure
 CBW                     Convert Byte to Word
 CDQ                     Convert Double to Quad                       . 80386
 CLC                     Clear Carry Flag
 CLD                     Clear Direction Flag
 CLI                     Clear Interrupt-Enable Flag
 CLTS                    Clear Task Switched Flag                     . 80286
 CMC                     Complement Carry Flag
 CMP                     Compare
 CMPS                    Compare String (Byte or Word)
 CMPSB                   Compare String Byte
 CMPSD                   Compare String Doubleword                    . 80386
 CMPSW                   Compare String Word
 CWD                     Convert Word to Doubleword
 CWDE                    Convert Word to Extended Double              . 80386
 DAA                     Decimal Adjust after Addition
 DAS                     Decimal Adjust after Subtraction
 DEC                     Decrement
 DIV                     Divide, Unsigned
 ENTER                   Enter Stack Frame                            . 80186
 ESC                     Escape
 HLT                     Halt
 IDIV                    Integer Divide, Signed
 IMUL                    Integer Multiply, Signed
 IN                      Input Byte or Word
 INC                     Increment
 INS                     Input String From Port                       . 80186
 INSB                    Input Byte String From Port                  . 80186
 INSW                    Input Word String From Port                  . 80186
 INSD                    Input Doubleword String From Port            . 80386
 INT                     Interrupt
 INTO                    Interrupt on Overflow
 IRET                    Interrupt Return
 IRETD                   Interrupt Return With EIP                    . 80386
 JA                      Jump If Above
 JAE                     Jump If Above or Equal
 JB                      Jump If Below
 JBE                     Jump If Below or Equal
 JC                      Jump If Carry
 JCXZ                    Jump if CX Register Zero
 JE                      Jump If Equal
 JECXZ                   Jump if ECX Register Zero                    . 80386
 JG                      Jump If Greater
 JGE                     Jump If Greater or Equal
 JL                      Jump If Less
 JLE                     Jump If Less or Equal
 JMP                     Jump Unconditionally
 JNA                     Jump If Not Above
 JNAE                    Jump If Not Above or Equal
 JNB                     Jump If Not Below
 JNBE                    Jump If Not Below or Equal
 JNC                     Jump If No Carry
 JNE                     Jump If Not Equal
 JNG                     Jump If Not Greater
 JNGE                    Jump If Not Greater or Equal
 JNL                     Jump If Not Less
 JNLE                    Jump If NOt Less or Equal
 JNO                     Jump If No Overflow
 JNP                     Jump If No Parity
 JNS                     Jump If No Sign
 JNZ                     Jump If Not Zero
 JO                      Jump If Overflow
 JP                      Jump If Parity
 JPE                     Jump If Parity Even
 JPO                     Jump If Parity Odd
 JS                      Jump If Sign
 JZ                      Jump If Zero
 LAHF                    Load Register AH from
 LAR                     Load Access Rights                           . 80386
 LDS                     Load Pointer Using DS
 LEA                     Load Effective Address
 LEAVE                   High Level Proc Exit                         . 80186
 LES                     Load Pointer Using ES
 LFS                     Load Far Pointer in FS                       . 80386
 LGDT                    Load Global Descriptor Table                 . 80286
 LGS                     Load Far Pointer in GS                       . 80386
 LIDT                    Load Interrupt Descriptor Table              . 80286
 LLDT                    Load Local Descriptor Table                  . 80286
 LMSW                    Load Machine Status Word                     . 80286
 LOCK                    Lock the Bus
 LODS                    Load String (Byte or Word)
 LODSB                   Load String Byte
 LODSD                   Load String Doubleword                       . 80386
 LODSW                   Load String Word
 LOOP                    Loop on Count
 LOOPD                   32-Bit 80386 LOOP                            . 80386
 LOOPDE                  32-Bit 80386 LOOPE                           . 80386
 LOOPDNE                 32-Bit 80386 LOOPNE                          . 80386
 LOOPDNZ                 32-Bit 80386 LOOPNZ                          . 80386
 LOOPDZ                  32-Bit 80386 LOOPZ                           . 80386
 LOOPE                   Loop While Equal
 LOOPNE                  Loop While Not Equal
 LOOPNZ                  Loop While Not Zero
 LOOPW                   16-Bit 80386 LOOP                            . 80386
 LOOPZ                   Loop While Zero
 LOOPWE                  16-Bit 80386 LOOPE                           . 80386
 LOOPWNE                 16-Bit 80386 LOOPNE                          . 80386
 LOOPWNZ                 16-Bit 80386 LOOPNZ                          . 80386
 LOOPWZ                  16-Bit 80386 LOOPZ                           . 80386
 LSL                     Load Segment Limit                           . 80286
 LSS                     Load Far Pointer in SS                       . 80386
 LTR                     Load Task Register                           . 80286
 MOV                     Move (Byte or Word)
 MOVS                    Move String (Byte or Word)
 MOVSB                   Move String Byte
 MOVSD                   Move String Doubleword                       . 80386
 MOVSW                   Move String Word
 MOVSX                   Move With Sign-Extend                        . 80386
 MOVZX                   Move With Zero-Extend                        . 80386
 MUL                     Multiply, Unsigned
 NEG                     Negate
 NOP                     No Operation
 NOT                     Logical NOT
 OR                      Logical OR
 OUT                     Output to Port
 OUTS                    Output String to Port                        . 80186
 OUTSB                   Output Byte String to Port                   . 80186
 OUTSD                   Output Doubleword String to Port             . 80386
 OUTSW                   Output Word String to Port                   . 80186
 POP                     Pop a Word from the Stack
 POPA                    Pop All                                      . 80186
 POPAD                   Pop All Double                               . 80386
 POPF                    Pop Flags from the Stack
 POPFD                   Pop 32-Bit Flags Register                    . 80386
 PUSH                    Push Word onto Stack
 PUSHA                   Push All                                     . 80186
 PUSHAD                  Push All Double                              . 80386
 PUSHF                   Push Flags onto Stack
 PUSHFD                  Push 32-Bit Flags Register                   . 80386
 RCL                     Rotate through Carry Left
 RCR                     Rotate through Carry Right
 REP                     Repeat
 REPE                    Repeat While Equal
 REPNE                   Repeat While Not Equal
 REPNZ                   Repeat While Not Zero
 REPZ                    Repeat While Zero
 RET                     Return from Procedure
 RETN                    Return Near
 RETF                    Return Far
 ROL                     Rotate Left
 ROR                     Rotate Right
 SAHF                    Store Register AH into
 SAL                     Shift Arithmetic Left
 SAR                     Shift Arithmetic Right
 SBB                     Subtract with Borrow
 SCAS                    Scan String (Byte or Word)
 SCASB                   Scan String Byte
 SCASD                   Scan String Doubleword                       . 80386
 SCASW                   Scan String Word
 SET                     Set Byte On Condition                        . 80386
 SGDT                    Store Global Descriptor Table                . 80286
 SHL                     Shift Logical Left
 SHLD                    Double Precision Shift Left                  . 80386
 SHR                     Shift Logical Right
 SHRD                    Double Precision Shift Right                 . 80386
 SIDT                    Store Interrupt Descriptor Table             . 80286
 SLDT                    Store Local Descriptor Table                 . 80286
 SMSW                    Store Machine Status Word                    . 80286
 STC                     Set Carry Flag
 STD                     Set Direction Flag
 STI                     Set Interrupt Enable Flag
 STOS                    Store String (Byte or Word)
 STOSB                   Store String Byte
 STOSD                   Store String Doubleword                      . 80386
 STOSW                   Store String Word
 STR                     Store Task Register                          . 80286
 SUB                     Subtract
 TEST                    Test
 VERR                    Verify Read                                  . 80286
 VERW                    Verify Write                                 . 80286
 WAIT                    Wait
 XCHG                    Exchange Registers
 XLAT                    Translate
 XOR                     Exclusive OR

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