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Operator Precedence Order

         Order of Operator Precedence from Highest to Lowest

                  LENGTH, SIZE, WIDTH, MASK, (), [], <>
                  PTR, OFFSET, SEG, TYPE, THIS
                  HIGH, LOW
                  + (unary), - (unary)
                  *, /, MODE, SHL, SHR
                  +, -
                  EQ, NE, LT, LE, GT, GE
                  OR, XOR
                  SHORT, .TYPE


    Operator precedence determines the order in which the terms of an
    expression will be evaluated.  Operators with the highest precedence
    will be evaluated before operators with lower precedence.

       Notes:         Operators on the same line have equal precedence.

                      Operators of equal precedence are evaluated from
                      left to right.

                      Operations in parentheses are performed first.

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