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 INT 00h (0)             Divide by 0
 INT 01h (1)             Single Step
 INT 02h (2)             Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI)
 INT 03h (3)             Breakpoint
 INT 04h (4)             Overflow
 INT 05h (5)             Print Screen
 INT 08h (8)             System Timer
 INT 09h (9)             Keyboard
 INT 10h (16)            Video and Screen Services
 INT 11h (17)            Read Equipment-List
 INT 12h (18)            Report Memory Size
 INT 13h (19)            Disk I/O Services, Floppy and Hard Disks
 INT 14h (20)            Serial I/O Services (Communications Ports)
 INT 15h (21)            Cassette and Extended Services
 INT 16h (22)            Keyboard I/O Services
 INT 17h (23)            Printer I/O Services
 INT 18h (24)            BASIC Loader Service
 INT 19h (25)            Bootstrap Loader Service
 INT 1Ah (26)            System Timer and Clock Services
 INT 1Bh (27)            Keyboard Break
 INT 1Ch (28)            User Timer Tick
 INT 4Ah (74)            User Alarm
 INT 70h (112)           Real-Time Clock

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