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 0:400h                  RS-232 Communications Line Port Base Addresses
 0:408h                  Parallel Printer Port Base Addresses
 0:410h                  Equipment List
 0:412h                  Reserved (POST Status on PC Convertible)
 0:413h                  Memory Size
 0:415h                  Reserved (PC Convertible Battery Status)
 0:417h                  Shift Status
 0:418h                  Extended Shift Status
 0:419h                  Alternate Keypad Entry
 0:41Ah                  Keyboard Buffer Head Pointer
 0:41Ch                  Keyboard Buffer Tail Pointer
 0:41Eh                  Keyboard Buffer
 0:43Eh                  Diskette Drive Recalibrate Status
 0:43Fh                  Diskette Drive Motor Status
 0:440h                  Motor Off Counter
 0:441h                  Last Diskette Drive Operation Status
 0:442h                  Diskette Drive Controller Status
 0:449h                  Display Mode
 0:44Ah                  Number of Columns in Current Mode
 0:44Ch                  Length of Regen Buffer
 0:44Eh                  Starting Address of Regen Buffer
 0:450h                  Cursor Position (Column, Row) for Display Pages
 0:460h                  Cursor End Scan Line and Start Scan Line
 0:462h                  Current Display Page
 0:463h                  CRT Controller Base Address
 0:465h                  Current Setting of Mode Control Register
 0:466h                  Current Setting of Color Select Register (3x9h)
 0:467h                  Reserved
 0:46Ch                  Long Integer with Timer Counter
 0:470h                  Timer Overflow Flag
 0:471h                  Break Key State
 0:472h                  Reset State Flag
 0:474h                  Last Fixed Disk Operation Status
 0:475h                  Number of Fixed Disks
 0:476h                  Reserved
 0:477h                  Reserved
 0:478h                  Time-Out Values for Parallel Printers
 0:47Ch                  Time-Out Values for RS-232 Communications Lines
 0:480h                  Keyboard Buffer Start Offset Pointer
 0:482h                  Keyboard Buffer End Offset Pointer
 0:484h                  Number of Rows on Display, minus 1
 0:485h                  Character Height
 0:487h                  Video Control States
 0:489h                  Reserved
 0:48Bh                  Diskette Media Control
 0:48Ch                  Fixed Disk Controller Status
 0:48Dh                  Fixed Disk Controller Error Status
 0:48Eh                  Fixed Disk Interrupt Control
 0:48Fh                  Reserved
 0:490h                  Diskette Drive 0 Media State
 0:491h                  Diskette Drive 1 Media State
 0:492h                  Reserved
 0:494h                  Drive 0 Current Track
 0:495h                  Drive 1 Current Track
 0:496h                  Keyboard Status and Type Flags
 0:497h                  Keyboard LED Status
 0:498h                  Double-Word Pointer to User Wait Complete Flag
 0:49Ch                  Long Integer with User Wait Count (Microseconds)
 0:4A0h                  Wait Active Flag
 0:4A1h                  Reserved
 0:4A8h                  Double-Word Pointer to Video Parameters for EGA
 0:4ACh                  Reserved
 0:4F0h                  Intra-Application Communications Area (ICA)
 0:500h                  Print Screen Status Byte (See INT 05h)
 0:501h                  Reserved
 0:504h                  Phantom Drive Flag
 0:505h                  Reserved

 F000:FFF0h              FAR JMP to Beginning of Power-On Self Test (POST)
 F000:FFF5h              ROM BIOS Release Date, in ASCII
 F000:FFFCh              Reserved
 F000:FFFEh              System Model ID

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