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blinker incremental off
blinker executable clipper f61;swappath:"f:\telcam\prod\tempfile"
blinker message wink
blinker memory pack 1
blinker overlay fixed
blinker overlay pageframe on
blinker overlay umb on
blinker overlay opsize 40

OUTPUT f:\telcam\prod\<fileName>

FILE <fileName>
FILE f:\istools\clipper5\obj\errorsys

// six driver
FILE f:\istools\clipper5\obj\sixcdx
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\sixcdx

// TELCAM custom functions
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\hc_sys

// custom C library
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\microsys

// netware C interface
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\lnit

// clipper libraries
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\terminal
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\extend
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\clipper

// microsoft C library
LIB f:\istools\clipper5\lib\llibce

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