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 setenv()          Set operating environment
 cfgmemvar()       Initialize memory variables from configuration file
 userconfig()      Load printer escape codes from user database
 pickprinter()     Allow user to select a different printer
 dbopen()          Open file function
 filloc()          Lock database file
 recloc()          Lock database record
 prnon()           Turn printer on
 prnoff()          Turn printer off
 fileon()          Direct output to file
 fileoff()         Close file opened with fileon()
 b_scatter()       Place field values into memory variables
 b_gather()        Place memory variables into fields
 b_release()       Release memory variables
 b_initialize()    Initialize memory variables
 b_savekeys()      Save set key values
 b_restkeys()      Restore set key values
 b_zapkeys()       Clear all set key values
 b_errmsg()        Display error message on screen
 b_dispmsg()       Display message on screen
 b_showbox()       Place shadowed box anywhere on screen
 disp_date()       Display date as text string
 makesound()       Make attention getting sound
 eoj()             Close all files and exit program
 ourtime()         Strip colons from time string for storage
 lookupudf()       User defined function for dbedit()
 scrn2file()       Write screen contents to a text file

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