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 b_equip()        On screen view of PC hardware
 b_isdbf()        Make sure file is xBase type
 b_isdbt()        See if database has associated DBT file
 b_chrcount()     Number of times character occurres in string
 b_lptports()     LPT ports available on PC
 b_comports()     COMM ports available on PC
 b_trashdbf()     Test database integrity
 b_spltpath()     Split directory and path into seperate pieces
 b_dir()          Build array with directory information
 b_errmsg()       Put centered error message on screen with shadow box
 b_inpath()       Check to see if filename is in DOS PATH
 b_cls()          Clear area of screen with color attribute
 b_box()          Draw a box with shadow and fill color
 b_shadow()       Put shadow around an existing box
 b_dspace()       Reports the total drive space
 b_fspace()       Reports the available drive space
 b_fsize()        Reports the size of a file
 b_ftime()        Reports time of the last file update
 b_fdate()        Reports date of the last file update
 b_erase()        Erase a file
 b_isdir()        Check for existance of DOS directory
 b_rmdir()        Remove a DOS directory
 b_mkdir()        Create a DOS directory
 b_chdir()        Change DOS directory
 b_curdir()       Current DOS drive and directory
 b_rights()       Check file creation rights
 b_random()       Generate a random number
 b_vmode()        Current video mode
 b_clscr()        Clear screen and remove border
 b_border()       Change or clear border color
 b_strrev()       Reverse a character string
 b_cursor()       Gets/Sets cursor on/off state
 b_curssize()     Sets cursor size
 b_chklpt()       Check printer status LPT1 - LPT4
 b_fupper()       Convert first letter of every word to upper case
 b_dosver()       Current DOS version
 b_putenv()       Create/Modify DOS environment variable
 b_schar()        Read screen character(s) starting at x
 b_rename()       Rename/Move a file
 b_ritscr()       Write screen contents to a text file
 b_rite()         Write a date and time stamped message to a log file
 b_attrib()       Change attribute of a file
 b_fastkey()      Set keyboard repeat rate
 b_prtscr()       Print Current Screen
 b_isascii()      Test for ascii characters
 b_control()      Test for control characters
 b_drive()        Get default drive
 b_chgdrive()     Change default drive
 b_create()       Create a text file or truncate an existing file
 b_open()         Open a text file for reading and writing
 b_close()        Close a text file previously opened with b_open()
 b_eof()          Test for end of file
 b_readline()     Read a line from a text file
 b_writline()     Write a line of text to a file
 b_seek()         Move file pointer n number of bytes
 b_tell()         Tell position of file pointer
 b_char()         Character at current file pointer
 b_fcopy()        Copy a file without loading COMMAND.COM
 b_rtc()          Update system date and time with RTC date and time
 b_exename()      Full path and name of current running program
 b_whoami()       Get user"s ID from network
 b_ready()        Check if current station is on network
 b_fullname()     Get user"s full name from network
 b_stanum()       Get user"s station number from network
 b_sysdttm()      Set local PC"s date & time to server"s date & time
 b_logout()       Logout of network
 b_pflush()       Flush network capture buffer
 b_conmsg()       Determine / Set console message status
 b_owner()        Determine ownership of a file
 b_tempfile()     Creates a file with unique name
 b_ingroup()      See if current user is in group
 b_users()        Get User ID and full name at connection #
 b_consoper()     See if user is a console operator

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