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 Summary of NOVLIB features
 NOVLIB is a powerful NetWare function library, designed for the programmer
 who needs access to, or control over a Novell network.

 Over 450 functions give your programs the capability to retrieve
 information about the NetWare environment and in many cases change the way
 in which the network operates, without the need to use the Novell menu or
 command line utilities or train users in the operation of these utilities.
 NOVLIB enables you to login / logout and attach / detach fileservers, map /
 unmap drives, start / end capturing, modify print settings, monitor and
 update print queues, scan and / or update the bindery, add / delete and
 modify users and other bindery objects and much more.

 NOVLIB adheres strictly to the security features of NetWare which may
 restrict certain activities to particular users or groups of users.  If a
 user does not have the necessary security access to perform a particular
 task, the functions return appropriate error codes. Changes in security can
 be achieved from within your programs but only by users authorised to do
 so, i.e. users who are SUPERVISOR equivalent or users who are Console

 For CA-Clipper 5.x programmers. NOVLIB has high level commands (UDCs) to
 simplify the interface to Novell NetWare. For example, there are single
 NOVLIB commands to emulate Novell command line utilities such as MAP,
 CAPTURE and LOGIN. Documentation for these features can be found in
 NOVLIB's online reference.

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