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 CA-Visual Objects
 NOVLIB supports CA-Visual Objects 1.0b and later 16 bit versions. CA-Visual
 Objects programs must use NOVLIB.DLL rather than the supplied static
 libraries (.LIB files), because CA-Visual Objects does not support static

 NOVLIB Data Types and CA-Visual Objects

 When reading the function reference section of this manual, you will notice
 that each function argument and return value is denoted by a variable that
 has a `hungarian' prefix denoting the type of the variable that is
 expected. The following table lists the hungarian prefixes and the
 corresponding `strict' CA-VO data types.

 Prefix  Parameter Type                  CA-VO Type
 b       Boolean                         logical
 dw      Unsigned 32 bit integer         dword
 i       16 bit signed integer           numeric
 l       Signed 32 bit integer           long
 lpby    Long pointer to byte            PTR
 lpdw    Long pointer to 32 bit integer  long (BYREF)
 lpsz    Long pointer to ASCIIZ string   PSZ
 w       16 bit unsigned integer         word

 The format of date values returned by NOVLIB is dependent on the CA-Visual
 Objects SET DATE command.

 Using NOVLIB in your CA-VO programs

 NOVLIB offers two interfaces to CA-VO, a `strict' type checked interface,
 and a `Clipper' interface without strict type checking. In order to call
 NOVLIB functions from your CA-Visual Objects programs using the `strict'
 interface, you need to inform CA-VO that you are using NOVLIB DLL in your
 program. This is achieved by importing the file NOVLIBS.AEF into the
 repository using the File | Import... option on the CA-Visual Objects main
 menu. Programs that use the strict interface require NOVLIB.DLL at runtime.
 Similarly, to use the `Clipper' interface, import the file NOVLIB.AEF into
 the repository. Programs that use the `Clipper' interface require
 NOVLIB.DLL and NOVLIBVO.DLL at runtime.

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