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 Registration and technical support
 Blinkinc offers free technical support in the U.S. and Canada as described
 below to registered customers. Technical support details for other
 countries are provided later in the chapter.
 Important: Please complete and mail the enclosed registration card.
 Technical support and product upgrades are only made available to
 registered users.

 Who can call?

 We support one user per registered product - the individual named on the
 product registration card. While we offer a high quality technical support
 service to registered users, it is not our policy to support multiple users
 of a single registered product. Customers wishing to change the individual
 to whom technical support is given during the free support period may do so
 in writing to the address given on the next page.

 Electronic mail

 Blinkinc in the U.S. provides technical support to registered users via an
 electronic bulletin board service. The BBS contains the latest technical
 support notes, messages from other users of our products, and files of
 general interest to developers. Specific queries, problems or suggestions
 can also be directed to the Sysops, either publicly or privately.
 Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
 The BBS telephone number is (804) 747-7333 and supported baud rates are
 2400 up to and including 14400, with line settings N, 8, 1. The BBS is
 on-line 24 hours daily. Messages are usually answered within 48 hours.

 Automated fax system

 Blinkinc in the U.S. also provides a fax retrieval system from which you
 can request numerous technical support bulletins, and product and upgrade
 information. To request a list of available faxes and for further
 information dial (804)747-5333 from your fax machine.

 Telephone and facsimile support for U.S. and Canadian customers

 Please make a concerted effort to find the answer in this manual or on our
 technical support BBS before you call. However, if you still are having
 difficulties, you may phone us in the U.S. at (804) 747-3600 between the
 hours of 0930 and 1730 Eastern Standard Time. Our U.S. fax number is (804)
 When you call for support we will require the following information to
 resolve your problem as quickly as possible:

 . Your NOVLIB serial number and version number.
 . The names and version numbers of the language compiler and linker
   you are using.
 . The names and version numbers of any third party libraries you are
 . Your link script file.
 . A brief description of the problem, including the NOVLIB error
   number, returned by NOVLIB function NWErrorGet().

 Telephone support will be provided free of charge to registered users for a
 period of 90 days after registration for any questions directly relating to
 NOVLIB. After this period you may join the Blinkinc Developers' Club for a
 nominal fee which entitles you to free fax support, three technical
 newsletters per year and interim updates mailed as they become available.
 Please call for further details.

 U.S. mail

 Our U.S. address is:

 P.O. Box 29858
 Richmond, Virginia 23242

 European customers

 If your NOVLIB serial number is prefixed with "NE" you are entitled to 90
 days free technical support through our European distributors.
 If your NOVLIB serial number begins with "NA" you have obtained an American
 version of the software. You will not be entitled to free technical support
 in Europe and will also be required to pay any additional shipping &
 handling charges and customs duties on upgrades shipped directly from the
 U.S. You may contact Blinkinc to obtain an upgrade to a European version of
 the software to alleviate these problems.
 We have done our utmost to reduce the price discrepancy between the cost of
 our software license in the U.S. and Europe, but cannot prevent the "grey
 importing "of U.S. software. We urge you to take the matter up with the
 distributor concerned if this causes you any inconvenience.


 All our overseas distributors have agreed to provide NOVLIB registered
 users with 90 days free technical support. If you are not located in the
 USA & Canada or Europe, please contact your local distributor responsible
 for providing you with technical support.

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