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  PKSFANSI (PK Safe ANSI) is a Terminate and Stay Resident program that
  disables ANSI Keyboard Key Reassignments, thereby preventing "ANSI bombs"
  embedded in any text file (such as README files) or output by any program.

  Normally, ANSI sequences that redefine the keyboard could be hidden inside
  ANY text file or program, and could be executed completely unnoticed until
  it is too late.  PKSFANSI intercepts calls to the ANSI.SYS or other ANSI
  device drivers, and filters out any keyboard reassignments, while allowing
  other ANSI sequences through unaltered.

  If a keyboard key reassignment is attempted, PKSFANSI will intercept the
  sequence and discard it.  PKSFANSI also will BEEP to alert you that a
  reassignment was attempted.

  PKSFANSI requires less than 1k bytes resident RAM, and should work with
  any ANSI driver, such as the standard ANSI.SYS driver, NANSI, ZANSI,
  DVANSI, etc.  Note that if you use a memory resident ANSI driver, such as
  the DESQview DVANSI.COM driver, PKSFANSI should be loaded after the ANSI
  driver is loaded.


  Add PK Safe ANSI to your AUTOEXEC.BAT command file.  Early in your
  AUTOEXEC.BAT file add the line:


  This will cause the PK Safe ANSI TSR to be loaded into memory, allowing
  you to safely use ANSI codes.  Once this is installed you may wish to turn
  on ANSI in your PKZIP configuration file.  There should be this line
  present in your PKZIP.CFG file:


  To turn on ANSI for a particular PKZIP operation, or for a PKUNZIP
  operation, use the command option -q.

     pkunzip -v -q


  Option PK Safe ANSI has one option.  This option will cause PK Safe ANSI
  to discard color codes.  This is useful if you are using a laptop computer
  with a monochrome display.

     PKSFANSI -c

  Please note that this only affects programs which use ANSI for their
  display control.

  NOTE: PK Safe Ansi is included with the registered version of the

See Also: -z

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