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    RepeatCmd           <Ctrl QQ>

    Repeats the last character, command, or macro entered from the
    keyboard up to 9,999 times.  You will be prompted for the number of
    times to repeat.

    Repeating will automatically terminate if any command fails.  For
    example, if you are repeating a search and get a "Not Found" then
    repeating will stop.  Also, you can enter <Ctrl Break> at any time
    from the keyboard to cancel repeating.

    RepeatCmd is very handy for use within macros in the
    QCONFIG.DAT file.  For more information on macros refer to
    the "Keyboard Configuration" section in Chapter 2 of the
    QEdit Advanced Reference Manual.

    This command was added in QEdit v2.1

See Also: RepeatFind Other

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