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 QEdit Error Messages
 Can't execute scrap macro when macro recording on
 Disk full
 Error creating file
 Error running program
 Error opening file
 Error reading file
 Error renaming file
 Error writing file
 File not found
 Filename already in use in ring
 Invalid macro filesize
 Key already defined
 Long lines split
 Macro table full
 Macro too long - Aborted
 Match not found
 Memory lost to sub-process
 No files found
 Not enough memory to load entire file
 Not enough memory
 Printer error
 Press any key to continue

 QConfig Error Messages
 invalid response - try again
 ERROR!!! Help buffer overflow in help.txt at line #
 Help filename NOT found
 Unexpected End Of File encountered at line #
 Line # too long
 FATAL ERROR:  macro too long at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  unrecognized command xxxx at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  macro table full at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  too many twokey definitions, aborted at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  invalid second key code xx at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  macro_begin not supported for twokey commands, line #
 FATAL ERROR:  return bound to twokey at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  escape bound to twokey at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  undefined key xxxx encountered at line #
 FATAL ERROR:  return command MUST be "bound" to a key
 FATAL ERROR:  escape command MUST be "bound" to a key
 File not found
 FATAL ERROR: not found
 FATAL ERROR:  patch area NOT found
 FATAL ERROR:  end of patch area NOT found.

 QMac Error Messages
 Warning:  Duplicate definition for label <label_name>.
 Error:    Error reading [ input | output ] file
 Warning:  <command_name> ignored inside macro
 Error:    Input file D:\PATH\FILENAME.EXT does not exist.
 Error:    Input file and output file are the same.
 Error:    D:\PATH\FILENAME.EXT is not a valid QEdit binary macro file.
 Warning:  Label <label_name> not found--jump ignored.
 Warning:  Label missing--jump ignored.
 Warning:  Macros cannot be assigned to two-keys.  Macro skipped.
 Warning:  Macro contains an infinite loop.
 Error:    Macro too long!
 Error:    Neither file exists.
 Error:    No macros found in D:\PATH\FILENAME.EXT
 Error:    Not enough memory.
 Warning:  Number ignored. (Put '#' in front of ASCII codes).
 Warning:  Only first 32 characters are significant in labels.
 Error:    Output file D:\PATH\FILENAME.EXT is Read Only!
 Warning:  Possible truncation of line.
 Warning:  Quoted string not closed at end of line.
 Error:    Too many errors.  Aborting!
 Warning:  Too many jumps--ignored.
 Warning:  Too many labels--ignored.
 Warning:  Unknown command <command_name> skipped.
 Warning:  Unknown key <key_name> skipped.
 Error:    Unrecognized command switch 'x'
 Warning:  Unsupported op-code <xxx> in binary macro input.
 Error:    /X value not specified.

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