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    The TSR version of QEdit

    SemWare is extremely pleased to make available QEdit TSR - the
    memory-resident version of QEdit Advanced.  Now you can call up the
    full editing power of QEdit Advanced in an instant - from any DOS
    application that you may be running.

    Unlike some other "notepad" type memory-resident editors, QEdit TSR
    allows you to edit larger files, up to the full amount of DOS memory
    available on your machine.  This is possible, thanks to a unique
    feature which very quickly "swaps" your current DOS application to
    expanded or extended memory or disk, and frees up DOS memory for use
    by QEdit TSR.  QEdit TSR will use only 10K of DOS memory when it is
    swapped out (inactive).

    QEdit TSR includes other useful TSR features:

          . The hotkey is fully configurable to any key and/or
            shift key combination on the keyboard.

          . QEdit TSR can be loaded in most any order with other
            TSR's, including SideKick.

          . QEdit TSR includes a utility program, QTU, that
            allows you to control several functions of the TSR
            from the DOS command line or from within batch files.
            This includes enabling and disabling the hotkey,
            checking the TSR's status, popping up the TSR, and
            purging the TSR from memory.

          . QEdit TSR is very well-behaved.  You can even PURGE
            it from memory from within another program, and it
            will correctly wait for an opportune moment to

    QEdit TSR includes QEdit Advanced, the non-TSR version, as part of
    the package.

    QEdit TSR can be ordered direct from SemWare.  In addition, SemWare
    is offering the product at a substantial discount to current users
    of the DOS version.  Call SemWare direct for details.

    Enhancements in the TSR version:

    QEdit TSR offers three commands not available in the other versions
    of QEdit.  All three are designed to take advantage of QEdit TSR's
    pop-up nature:

         GoBack        Pops QEdit TSR down & returns you to your
                           normal DOS application.
         GrabScreen    Pastes what was on the screen when you popped
                           up QEdit TSR, into the text buffer as a
         Purge         Removes QEdit TSR from memory.

See Also: GoBack GrabScreen Purge

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