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 Cursor Movement Commands
 BegFile              <Ctrl PgUp>      LineDown
 BegLine              <Home>           LineUp
 BegScreen            <Ctrl Home>      MakeBotofScreen
 CursorDown           <Cursor Down>    MakeCtrofScreen      <Shift F5>
 CursorLeft           <Cursor Left>    MakeTopofScreen      <F5>
 CursorRight          <Cursor Right>   NextPara
 CursorUp             <Cursor Up>      PageDown             <PgDn>
 EndFile              <Ctrl PgDn>      PageUp               <PgUp>
 EndLine              <End>            PrevPara
 EndPara                               PrevPosition         <Ctrl QP>
 EndScreen            <Ctrl End>       ScreenLeft           <Alt F5>
 GotoBlockBeg         <Ctrl QB>        ScreenRight          <Alt F6>
 GotoBlockEnd         <Ctrl QK>        ScrollDown           <Ctrl Z>
 GotoColumn                            ScrollUp             <Ctrl W>
 GotoLine             <Ctrl J>         WordLeft             <Ctrl Cursor Left>
 HalfPgDn                              WordRight            <Ctrl Cursor Right>

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