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    Instructions on Using this Help

    Welcome to the Norton Guides(tm) help database for QEdit Advanced!

    The material in this database is drawn directly from the online
    manual, QEDIT.DOC and the READ.ME file for the latest versions of
    QEdit for DOS, QEdit for OS/2 and QEdit TSR.  As such, this
    information is probably more up to date than that in your printed
    manual.  The software versions covered in this database are:

             QEdit Advanced v2.1
             QEdit for OS/2 v1.5
             QEdit TSR      v1.1

    To help you find new material, commands and features that were added
    since the last edition of the printed manual, have been
    highlighted in the text, especially in the "Commands by
    Function" listing.

    Also, in the detailed entry for each QEdit command, the version of
    QEdit in which it was introduced (for versions 2.08 and later) is
    listed.   This should also help you identify new features
    that are probably not in your printed manual.

    All page numbers refer to the latest version of the PRINTED manual,
    and the PRINTED addendums.

    If you find any errors or omissions from this text, please report them
    directly to SemWare.

    In all keystrokes listed in this help (as in the manual) the
    assumption is made that the <ESCAPE> key will invoke the menus, as is
    the default for QEdit.  If you have redefined this using QCONFIG, bear
    in mind that references to <Esc> may not work as advertised in your

    Likewise for other keyboard commands--those listed in this help are
    from the default QCONFIG.DAT.  If you have edited this file and
    reinstalled QEdit, your keystrokes may vary.

    This help is arranged into topics, which you can select from the
    QEdit menu that you see on the top line.  From this menu you have
    the following options:

               |. General Information      |
               |  Commands by Function     |
               |  Reference to Commands    |
               |  Keys Configurable        |
               |  Error Messages           |

    General Information       --  General information about QEdit.  How
                                  to contact SemWare.  Tables.

    Commands by Function      --  All QEdit commands grouped by
                                  function for easy reference.

    Reference to Commands     --  All QEdit commands alphabetically.
                                  This is the bulk of the database.

    Keys Configurable         --  All keys that are recognized by
                                  QEdit.  Includes both the QEdit name, and
                                  the conventional name of each key.

    Error Messages            --  All error messages issued by QEdit
                                  and QCONFIG.

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