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 Editing Commands
 AddLine              <F2> or <Esc><E><A>
 Backspace            <Backspace>
 DelCh                <Del>
 DelLine              <Alt D> or <Esc><E><D>
 DelLtWord            <Ctrl Backspace>
 DelRtWord            <Ctrl T>
 DelToEol             <F6> or <Esc><E><E>
 DupLine              <F4>
 GetPrev              <Ctrl - (dash)>
 InsertLine           <Alt F2> or <Esc><E><I>
 JoinLine             <Alt J> or <Esc><E><J>
 Literal              <Ctrl P>
 Return               <Enter>
 SplitLine            <Alt S> or <Esc><E><S>
 UnKill               <Ctrl U> or <Esc><E><U>

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