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 File Commands
 ChangeFilename       <Alt O> or <Esc><F><C>
 EditFile             <Alt E> or <Esc><F><L>
 Exit                 <Ctrl KD>
 File                 <Ctrl KX> or <Esc><F><F>
 GExit                <Alt X> or <Esc><Q><X>
 GFile                <Esc><F><G>
 GPQuit               <F3> or <Esc><Q><Q>
 GSave                <Alt Y>
 KillFile             <Ctrl KZ>
 NextFile             <Alt N> or <Esc><F><N>
 PQuit                <Ctrl KQ> or <Esc><F><Q>
 PrevFile             <Ctrl KP> or <Esc><F><P>
 ReadBlock            <Alt R> or <Esc><F><R>
 SaveFile             <Ctrl KS> or <Esc><F><S>
 WriteBlock           <Alt W> or <Esc><F><W>

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