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 ABOXASK()       Pop up a centered message box using an array of messages.
 ACRONYM()       Convert a text string to its abbreviated acronym.
 ADIM2()         Formulate a two dimension reference to a linear array.
 ALIST()         List the elements of an array in a screen window.
 ALPHADATE()     Convert date variables to alphabetic format
 ANYCHARSIN()    Test if any characters in one string are found in another
 ARRAYLEN()      Count the number of contiguous elements in an array.
 ATINSAY()       Display an expression at coordinates in a specified color.
 BARMENU()       Create horizontal light bar menus.
 BEEP()          Ring the system bell one or more times.
 BIN2DEC()       Convert a binary number to its equivalent decimal value.
 BLIP()          Generate a blipping sound for warnings or errors.
 BORDERBOX()     Draw a box with a one line title area at the top.
 BOXASK()        Pop up a centered message box using multiple message strings.
 BOXMENU()       Create boxed framed highlight bar (pop up) menus.
 BRIGHT()        Convert a Clipper color string to its bright equivalent.
 BUZZ()          Generate a buzzing sound for warnings or errors.
 CALENDAR()      Pop up a configurable calendar on the screen
 CATF()          Copy array values to database fields (Copy Array To Fields)
 CENTER()        Center a string and/or get the center position.
 CFTA()          Copy database field values to an array (Copy Fields To Array)
 CHANGED()       Test if memory copies of database fields have been changed.
 CHECKFILE()     Verify valid filenames, optionally popping up a pick list.
 CLOSEAREA()     Close multiple database work areas with one command.
 DBFCREATE()     Dynamically create a database from a structure array.
 DEC2HEX()       Convert decimal numeric value to a hexadecimal string.
 DECRYPTED()     Decrypt a character string encrypted with ENCRYPTED()
 DIVIDE()        Divide numbers with built in divide by zero protection.
 ENCRYPTED()     Encrypt a character string
 FEOF()          Test for the End Of File status on a binary file.
 FILEDATE()      Retrieve the last update date for a given file from DOS.
 FILES()         Test for the existence of multiple files in one function.
 FILESIZE()      Retrieve the size of a file from DOS directory information.
 FILETIME()      Retrieve the last update time for a given file.
 FORGET()        Release field memory variables created with MEMORIZE().
 FPROMPT()       Display color formatted and highlighted prompt strings.
 FREADLINE()     Read a line from a text file opened with FOPEN() or FCREATE()
 FRESTSCREEN()   Restore screen from a disk file saved with FSAVESCREEN().
 FSAVESCREEN()   Save screen to a disk file to be restored with FRESTSCREEN().
 GETFILE()       Full featured user dialog box for GETing filenames.
 GETKEY()        Function to replace INKEY() to allow internal customization
 GETPARM()       Retrieve a comma delimited token from a character string
 HEX2DEC()       Convert a hexadecimal string to its equivalent decimal value.
 ISDBF()         Test if a file is a valid .DBF format database file.
 ISFIELD()       Test if a field name is valid in the selected database.
 KEYINPUT()      Get keyboard input, optionally echoing dots to the screen
 MAKEALIAS()     Construct a database work area alias from a full filename.
 MARKREC()       Mark and select multiple records from a database pick list.
 MEMORIZE()      Save field values from a database record to memory variables.
 MIDDLE()        Center a string by padding with leading and trailing spaces.
 MREPLACE()      Replace fields with memory variables created with MEMORIZE()
 MULTIMENU()     Create multi-column menus with four way cursor movement.
 NAMESPLIT()     Convert names from First Middle Last to Last, First Middle.
 NO_APPEND()     Network append blank function with specific error trapping
 NO_FLOCK()      Network file lock function with specific error trapping
 NO_RLOCK()      Network record lock function with specific error trapping
 NOTEMPTY()      Generic function to validate that data was entered in a field
 NTXKEYVAL()     Get the controlling index key value of the current record
 OLDERFILE()     Determine the older of two disk files.
 OPENED()        Open one or more databases with network error checking.
 PARENT()        Retrieve the parent directory for a specified directory.
 PATHTO()        Search the DOS path for the path leading to a given filename.
 PDOWNINIT()     Initialize the PDOWNMENU() function for use.
 PDOWNMENU()     Activate the pull-down menu initialized with PDOWNINIT().
 PICKCOLOR()     Pick a color setting from a boxed display.
 PICKFILE()      Pop up a directory listing from which to select a file.
 PICKREC()       Pop up a scrollable pick list of database records.
 PICKREC() - Continued
 POPBOX()        Restore a screen from a SAYINBOX() screen variable.
 POPUPPICK()     Generic pop-up pick list handler
 PRINTCODE()     Convert text printer codes into actual escape sequence codes.
 QUERY()         Create a logical query/filter string via menu prompts.
 REPORTINIT()    Initialize the PRINTERS and REPORTS StartReport() databases.
 REVDATE()       Reverse date fields to index in reverse chronological order.
 RH_HEADER()     Retrieve the header from a RHELP compiled help file
 RH_LINES()      Get the number of text lines within a help text block
 RH_TEXT()       Get help text for specified help key from compiled .HLP file
 RH_WIDTH()      Get the maximum line width within a help text block
 RJUSTIFY()      Right justify string by moving trailing blanks to the front.
 RLIBERROR()     Return and, optionally set, the last RLIB error number.
 RLIBINIT()      Initialize internal RLIB PUBLIC/STATIC variable(s).
 RLIBVER()       Retrieve the version number of the RLIB.LIB linked.
 SAYINBOX()      Pop up a centered message box using multiple message strings.
 SETCURSOR()     Retrieve and optionally set the current cursor state.
 STARTREPORT()   General purpose report format and print control function.
 STR2DATE()      Convert date strings to a Clipper date type variable.
 STRETCH()       Pad a string with blanks or truncate to a defined width.
 TARGET()        Provide a pop-up target printer output selection menu.
 TEMPFILE()      Generate a temporary filename.
 TYPEC()         Test if a PUBLIC/PRIVATE is character type and not blank.
 VALTYPEC()      Test if a LOCAL/STATIC is character type and not blank.
 VRANGE()        Numeric range validation with error handling.

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