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Trademark Acknowledgements

   Blinker is a trademark of Blink, Inc.

   Clipper and Nantucket are trademarks of Nantucket Corporation.

   CompuServe is a trademark of CompuServe Incorporated.

   dBASE, and dBASE III are trademarks of Ashton-Tate, Inc.

   IBM, PC, XT, AT, PS/2, and PC-DOS are trademarks of International
   Business Machines Corp.

   LOTUS and 123 are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.

   MASM, LIB, MS-DOS, Microsoft, Microsoft Object Linker and Microsoft
   Library Manager are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

   The Norton Guides, The Norton Guide Reference Database Engine are
   trademarks of Peter Norton Computing, Inc.

   PLINK86 and PLINK86plus are trademarks of Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.

   TAPCIS is a trademark of Support Group, Inc.

   TLINK, Turbo Link, TLIB, and Turbo Librarian are trademarks of Borland

   Any other trademarks of other companies which may appear in this
   documentation are for identification purposes only.

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