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                        Turbo Basic Reserved Words

  $COM1       CLOSE       ERROR       LOCAL          POKE        STRIG
  $COM2       CLS         EXIT        LOCATE         POS         STRING$
  $DEBUG      COLOR       EXP         LOF            PRESET      SUB
  $DYNAMIC    COM         EXP10       LOG            PRINT       SWAP
  $ELSE       COMMAND$    EXP2        LOG10          PRINT#      SYSTEM
  $ENDIF      COMMON      FIELD       LOG2           PSET        TAB
  $EVENT      COS         FILES       LOOP           PUT         TAN
  $IF         CSNG        FIX         LPOS           PUT$        THEN
  $INCLUDE    CSRLIN      FN          LPRINT         RANDOM      TIME$
  $INLINE     CVD         FOR         LPRINT#        RANDOMIZE   TIMER
  $LIST       CVI         FRE         LSET           READ        TO
  $OPTION     CVL         GET         MEMSET         REG         TROFF
  $SEGMENT    CVS         GET$        MID$           REM         TRON
  $SOUND      DATA        GOSUB       MKDIR          RESET       UBOUND
  $STACK      DATE$       GOTO        MKD$           RESTORE     UCASE$
  $STATIC     DECR        HEX$        MKI$           RESUME      UNTIL
  ABS         DEF         IF          MKL$           RETURN      USING
  ABSOLUTE    DEFDBL      IMP         MKMD$          RIGHT$      USR
  AND         DEFINT      INCR        MKMS$          RMDIR       USR0
  APPEND      DEFLNG      INKEY$      MKS$           RND         USR1
  AS          DEFSNG      INLINE      MOD            RSET        USR2
  ASC         DEFSTR      INP         MTIMER         RUN         USR3
  AT          DELAY       INPUT       NAME           SAVE        USR4
  ATN         DIM         INPUT#      NEXT           SCREEN      USR5
  BASE        DO          INPUT$      NOT            SEEK        USR6
  BEEP        DRAW        INSTAT      OCT$           SEG         USR7
  BIN$        DYNAMIC     INSTR       OFF            SELECT      USR8
  BINARY      ELSE        INT         ON             SERVICE     USR9
  BLOAD       ELSEIF      INTERRUPT   OPEN           SGN         VAL
  BSAVE       END         IOCTL       OPTION         SHARED      VARPTR
  CALL        ENDMEM      IOCTL$      OR             SHELL       VARPTR$
  CASE        ENVIRON     KEY         OUT            SIN         VARSEG
  CDBL        ENVIRON$    KILL        OUTPUT         SOUND       VIEW
  CEIL        EOF         LBOUND      PAINT          SPACE$      WAIT
  CHAIN       EQV         LCASE$      PALETTE        SPC         WEND
  CHDIR       ERADR       LEFT$       PALETTE USING  SQR         WHILE
  CHR$        ERASE       LEN         PEEK           STATIC      WIDTH
  CINT        ERDEV       LET         PEN            STEP        WINDOW
  CIRCLE      ERDEV$      LINE        PLAY           STICK       WRITE
  CLEAR       ERL         LIST        PMAP           STOP        WRITE#
  CLNG        ERR         LOC         POINT          STR$        XOR

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