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                      Appendix F - Global Error Codes

  ERR_MEM     (-2)   Allocation failure
  ERR_ARG     (-1)   Argument failure
  ERR_NUL     0      Successful return
  W_ESCPRESS  0x01   Escape Key Was Pressed
  W_ALLOCERR  0x02   Memory Allocation Error
  W_NOTFOUND  0x03   Record Not Found
  W_NOACTIVE  0x04   No Active Window
  W_INVCOORD  0x05   Invalid Coordinates
  W_INVFORMT  0x06   Invalid Format String
  W_NOINPDEF  0x07   No Input Fields Defined
  W_STRLONG   0x08   String Too Long For Window
  W_INVBTYPE  0x09   Invalid Border Type
  W_NOBORDER  0x0A   No Window Border
  W_NOHIDDEN  0x0B   No Hidden Windows
  W_NOTHIDD   0x0C   Window Is Not Hidden
  W_NOSELECT  0x0D   No Selectable Menu Items
  W_NOITMDEF  0x0E   No Menu Items Defined
  W_NOMNUEND  0x0F   No End Of Menu Specified
  W_NOMNUDEF  0x10   No Menu Defined
  W_NOMNUBEG  0x11   No Begin Of Menu Specified
  W_NOFRMDEF  0x12   No Form Defined
  W_NOFRMBEG  0x13   No Begin Of Form Specified
  W_NOHLPDEF  0x14   No Help Record Defined
  W_HLPSTKOV  0x15   Help Stack Overflow
  W_HLPSTKUN  0x16   Help Stack Underflow
  W_DOSERROR  0x17   DOS Error
  W_NOMATCH   0x18   No Files Matched Input Filespec
  W_INVTAGID  0x19   Invalid Tag Identifier
  W_INVPATH   0x1A   Path Invalid Or Not Found
  W_FRMISDEF  0x1B   Entry-form already defined
  W_FRMSTKOV  0x1C   Form-stack overflow
  W_FRMSTKUN  0x1D   Form-stack underflow
  W_NOHLPFIL  0x1E   No help-file found
  W_INP2MANY  0x1F   Too many entry-fields
  W_MNU2MANY  0x20   Too many menu-items
  W_INP2FEW   0x21   Not enough entry-fields
  W_NOINPENA  0x22   No enabled entry-field
  W_MNU2FEW   0x23   Not enough menu items

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