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                       Appendix A - Text Attributes

  Foreground Colors                 Background Colors

  Identifier  Value  Color          Identifier Value Color
  --------------------------        --------------------------
  BLACK       0x00   Black          _BLACK     0x00  Black
  BLUE        0x01   Blue           _BLUE      0x10  Blue
  GREEN       0x02   Green          _GREEN     0x20  Green
  CYAN        0x03   Cyan           _CYAN      0x30  Cyan
  RED         0x04   Red            _RED       0x40  Red
  MAGENTA     0x05   Magenta        _MAGENTA   0x50  Magenta
  BROWN       0x06   Brown          _BROWN     0x60  Brown
  LGREY       0x07   Light Grey     _LGREY     0x70  Light Grey
  DGREY       0x08   Dark Grey      _DGREY     0x80  Dark Grey
  LBLUE       0x09   Light Blue     _LBLUE     0x90  Light Blue
  LGREEN      0x0A   Light Green    _LGREEN    0xA0  Light Green
  LCYAN       0x0B   Light Cyan     _LCYAN     0xB0  Light Cyan
  LRED        0x0C   Light Red      _LRED      0xC0  Light Red
  LMAGENTA    0x0D   Light Magenta  _LMAGENTA  0xD0  Light Magenta
  YELLOW      0x0E   Yellow         _YELLOW    0xE0  Yellow
  WHITE       0x0F   White          _WHITE     0xF0  White
  INTENSE     0x08   Intensity Bit  _BLINK     0x80  Blink/Int Bit

  Monochrome Colors

  Identifier  Value  Description
  MONO_N      0x07   Normal
  MONO_I      0x0F   Intense
  MONO_U      0x01   Underline
  MONO_IU     0x09   Intense Underline
  MONO_R      0x70   Reverse
  MONO_NB     0x87   Blink Normal
  MONO_IB     0x8F   Blink Intense
  MONO_UB     0x81   Blink Underline
  MONO_IUB    0x89   Blink Intense Underline
  MONO_RB     0xF0   Blink Reverse
  MONO_INT    0x80   Blink Bit

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