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16-bit Assembly Language Considerations
16-bit Code Models
16-bit Data Models
16-bit Memory Layout
16-bit Memory Models
16-bit Pragmas
16-bit:  A Function that Never Returns
16-bit:  Alias Names
16-bit:  Alternate Names for Symbols
16-bit:  An Example
16-bit:  Auxiliary Pragmas
16-bit:  Auxiliary Pragmas and the 80x87
16-bit:  Calling Conventions for 80x87-based Applications
16-bit:  Calling Conventions for Non-80x87 Applications
16-bit:  Data Representation
16-bit:  Defining Exported Symbols in Dynamic Link Libraries
16-bit:  Defining Windows Callback Functions
16-bit:  Describing Argument Information
16-bit:  Describing Calling Information
16-bit:  Describing Function Return Information
16-bit:  Describing How Functions Use Memory
16-bit:  Describing the Registers Modified by a Function
16-bit:  Effect of Function Prototypes on Arguments

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