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 1115: <file(module)> : '<symbol>'unresolved external
 This message indicates that the '<symbol>', defined as external in module
 (module) of file <file>, cannot be found in any of the other .OBJ files or
 libraries in the script file.

 The usual cause of this problem is that an object or library file required
 by the program has been omitted from the script file.

 Another possible cause of this message is that some libraries require the
 use of the SEARCH command, as their library cross reference records are not
 complete. Try a SEARCH on the library you suspect contains the missing
 '<symbol>'. For a full description of the SEARCH command refer to the
 `Blinker commands' section of the online help.

 If you are aware of the cause for this message and want to continue linking
 to create an executable file, use the command BLINKER EXECUTABLE NODELETE.

 Note for CA-Clipper Summer '87:

 If you get '__dos_hold' as an unresolved external then please check that you
 have the updated version of CLIPPER.EXE, CLIPPER.LIB and EXTEND.LIB from
 Computer Associates (Summer '87). The original versions all have a date of
 12-21-87 and a time of 12:00 am (which may not be displayed), while the
 updated versions have the same date, but a time of 2:00am. Blinker will work
 correctly only with the updated versions, as there were a number of problems
 fixed in them.

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