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 1116: fixup overflow at offset <offset> in segment <segment> contained in
 <module> referencing <symbol> contained in module <module>
 This message indicates the exact point in a program which makes a near
 reference to a symbol more than 64 Kb away. This may occur in one of a
 number of situations:

 Two related libraries may have been separated by other libraries in the link
 script file, so that the code in one library cannot reach the code in the
 other library. This may also occur when related .OBJ files, possibly
 extracted from the same library, have been separated by too many other .OBJ
 files in the script file.

 Non-overlayable code may have been overlaid. When third party products are
 linked into the program, please refer to the file 3RDPARTY.TXT in the
 Blinker directory and to the products' documentation for the suggested
 method for dynamic overlaying.

 Two libraries may have declared the same segment names in different classes,
 which should not occur in most programs.
 Two or more libraries may have been specified in an incorrect order within
 the link script. Refer to the `Ordering the libraries' section of the online

 If these solutions do not resolve the problem then it will be necessary to
 modify the code so that <symbol> is accessed with a far reference, or ensure
 that the specified segment and symbol are accessible to one another by
 examining the MAP file for their respective locations. To determine which
 library is causing the problem, systematically remove each library and

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