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 Parameter value is out of range
 This error message is displayed by COMMAND.COM when the swapper runs another
 program and the DOS environment on the machine is very small. SWPRUNCMD()
 gets the current size of the environment, adds the amount of additional
 environment space requested (if any) and passes a /E:nnn parameter to
 COMMAND.COM. In the case that the calculated /E:nnn value is below
 COMMAND.COM's default value, COMMAND.COM issues this error message.

 To work around this problem, either ignore the message (it is benign), or
 increase the environment size. This can be done by adding some extra
 settings to the master environment in the AUTOEXEC.BAT, or by adding a call
 to SWPADDENV(128) before swapping out, which will enlarge the environment
 above the COMMAND.COM lower limit.

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