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 Creating import libraries with BLILIB
 The BLILIB utility reads a module definition file containing EXPORT
 definitions for a DLL, or the actual .DLL file itself, and creates a module
 definition file or an import library containing the corresponding IMPORT
 definitions for programs which are intending to use the DLL.
 The syntax of the BLILIB commmand line is

 BLILIB /I{D | E} inputfile /O{I | L} outputfile [options]

 Where /Ix indicates the input file:

 /ID inputfile    A .DLL file with exported names
 /IE inputfile    A module definition file with Export definitions

 /Ox indicates the output file:

 /OI outputfile   A module definition file with Import definitions
 /OL outputfile   A .LIB file with import definitions

 For more details on using BLILIB, and import libraries in general, please
 refer to the section entitled 'The BLILIB import librarian' in Chapter 6.

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