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 DOS extender overview
 Protected mode
 DOS extenders
 Dual mode
 Using DLLs with the DOS extender
 Memory managers
 Performance implications

 Coding for protected and dual mode
 Converting your code
 Special considerations for protected mode code
 Special considerations for dual mode code
 Special considerations for all DLL code
 Special considerations for CA-Clipper DLL code
 Low level programming

 The DOS extender programming API
 Naming conventions
 Calling conventions
 Header files
 Linking for protected mode
 Linking for DOS extended DLLs

 Linking for DOS extended DLLs
 Generic shared Windows and DOS extended DLL example
 Generic DOS extended only DLL example
 CA-Clipper 5.x shared DLL example

 Running protected mode programs
 Protected mode run time
 Nesting multiple DOS extended programs
 Link script commands to control run time
 BLINKER environment variable run time settings

 Debugging protected mode programs

 Transparent software interrupt support
 DOS interrupt handling
 DPMI API function support

 Windows API function support

 GPF analysis
 Overview of GPFs
 Analysing a sample GPF
 Reporting a GPF to technical support
 Specific GPFs and their usual causes

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